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For EFrem training is fundamental in order to make the technicians of DC self-sufficient in installing and managing PV plants.

Target of Training

By virtue of the important contacts developed in Africa and of natural resources that make this Continent rich of alternative energy sources, Efrem has organized the first training sessions in Africa. The objectives of training are to create trainers and technicians expert in the renewable alternatives, persons who will have later on the responsibility to train operating technicians in different technological fields, in particular planners, installers, operators and maintainers of solar photovoltaic and solar hot water production. The formation will take place in Africa and the sessions will be completely free.

The target of formation is to equip, within 2015, all the Africans Dioceses of /two persons able to carry out at least two of these activities that is to plan, to install, to maintain systems of photovoltaic production of renewable energy (solar) or systems of hot water production.

Goals achieved

So far, 6 sessions of training were carried out: 3 in Burundi, 2 in Kenya and one in Ivory Coast for a total of 87 final technicians trained.

Theoretical session