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HOASIS’ Plan (Holistic Approach Significant to Implement Self-Reliance)

Hoasis is an evolution of GRID project. It is, as the acronym says, a holistic process, that is to say global, seeking to make the village (therefore their inhabitants) of a developing country more capable of generating solidarity and wellness, through a series of actions that, even in a short time, can significantly reduce the dependencies typical of underdevelopment.

The plan provides, as a central engine, a unit of production of alternative energy (generally photovoltaic, the easiest to get, the more modular and the easier to manage). The amount of power available can vary, as a start-up, between 6 and 8 kW.

This energy will be available for a range of actions, some of which “compulsory”, while others will be optional.

The “Compulsory” activities are:

A - Implement of a number of community kitchens. Through one heat pump hot water will be produced to cook traditional foods. The water to be heated will be carried by users or obtained from a borehole, possibly powered by a solar pump. Besides that it will be possible to join another cooking system, solar but not photovoltaic, of oven for baking bread.

B – Implement, with the bacteriologically pure hot water produced, of basins and / or public showers.

C - Implement of a system for charging the batteries of mobile phones and other electric equipment.

D - Implement of a plot of land to be cultivated (in common or privately) and to be irrigated with remaining pure water (see paragraph A).

The “optional” activities that could arose from this project are: the implement of a cybercafé /copy center with computer, printer, copier, fax, internet connection, digital camera, of a projection system for DVD, a bar, a small store or a mill.