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The economy – if in the service of mankind – has two special roles to play: not only to satisfy his needs but – above all – release him from them.

EFrem Onlus

The Association EFrem, acronym for "Energy Freedom" fits in the context of and use of renewable energy in developing countries. This non-profit association is formed by a group of technicians, entrepreneurs, inter-culture specialists, university professors, young students and so on. EFrem is a multinational and multiethnic association.

  • to study, present, design, implement and manage, in the name of the applicant, any plant of alternative renewable energy, primarily in developing countries and in social and pastoral structures of the Catholic Church.
  • to prepare feasibility studies and market research for the creation of a system of production and distribution of alternative energy.
  • to train the trainers, managers, engineers, designers, installers and maintainers of Alternative Renewable Energy Sources.

The purpose of EFrem is to transform the local consumers of traditional energy in direct producers and, possibly, distributors of energy through the system of alternative renewable energy sources.

What we do

It’s clear that a powerful series of instruments is available to implement and maintain an economy of reconciliation: they are, substantially, some new technological applications.

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Why economy of reconciliation?

Today, about 2 billion people worldwide live without electricity. It is in sub-Saharan Africa that this shortage is most severe, with about 500 million people without access to electricity. For the poorest, the bill of lighting represents the 10-15% of families’ income.

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